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Product Information

User Product Information and Set up
Techies and Broadcasters RRS Digital Signal Set up

User Product Information and Set up

General Overview

The Digital Reading Service Receiver (RRS1100) was specially designed for use by reading services and their blind and visually impaired listeners, as a better and easier way to receive broadcasts using the new digital signal (ATSC).

To get started, your listener simply needs access to a standard AC power plug and an antenna. The receiver does not require connection to a television.

For more technical information, read our RRS Digital Signal Set Up for Techies and Broadcasters.

Receiver Set up Instructions

Everyday use of this product is extremely easy. All users need to do is turn the unit on and it will automatically tune to your reading service. Audio will play from the internal speakers or via the headphone jack.

To setup the receiver for the first time simply follow the seven easy steps below or refer to the user’s manual.

  1. Take the receiver and antenna out of their packages.
  2. Connect the antenna to the receiver at the ANT IN connection.
  3. Check the dip switch setting on the bottom of the receiver.
  4. Before plugging in the receiver, turn the knob to the ON position.
  5. Plug the receiver into a power outlet.
  6. The unit will start scanning for the signal and you will hear a clicking sound. Scanning may take 4 minutes for the initial setup.
  7. Audio from your pre-set TV broadcaster will play when the station is found.

Note: The receiver does NOT need to be connected to a TV or speakers.

Controls and Connectors

Click here for a pdf of our Large Print Quick Start Guide

Antennas and Reception

Like all DTV receivers, the Digital Reading Service Receiver (RRS1100) requires connection to an antenna to receive the digital audio broadcasts. The type and power of antenna needed will depend on the users proximity to the transmit tower.

Antennas are not included in the purchase price of the receiver, but they can be ordered through us for whole sale pricing. Please contact us for more information on ordering antennas.

If you are interested in learning more about other antenna options, the following websites should be of assistance: